Our Philosophy

Studio Soo is a team of storytellers dedicated to capturing your life-changing moments in a creative, artistic and personal way using photography and videography. From the smallest glances to your first kiss as a married couple, our lenses will capture your voice.

Hi! We are Soohyun and Saehee. We began working together as creative partners shortly after our wedding in 2009. We remember the feeling of overwhelming joy on our wedding day to be surrounded by the people we love while celebrating our commitment. We strive to capture the uniqueness of your story with still and moving images.

Soo has been a fine arts photographer for more than 19 years, and Saehee began as a video editor in television and radio but found her passion behind the lens. Together we came to Chicago in 2012, where Soo received his MFA in Photography from the University of Illinois Chicago. We took the leap and opened Studio Soo in conjunction with Chicago Baby in 2017, and now have a team of creative professionals that assist us in videography and photography. We build client relationships that last a lifetime, capturing family moments from wedding to newborn and extended family portraits.

We remember the feeling of our own wedding. We were overcome with exhilaration and joy. It was truly one of the most beautiful moments of our lives.


Our 2,400 square foot space was designed to meet the needs of bridal and family studio sessions, but also to cater to young Korean couples. In South Korea, wedding ceremonies are as short as 30 minutes and are not followed by a big reception. This means there isn’t sufficient time built in to photograph the bride and groom like there is in a traditional American wedding. It is very popular for Korean couples to visit a photo studio months ahead of their wedding ceremony to take ‘Rehearsal’ photos. During these sessions, the couple takes pictures in their wedding outfits with full hair and makeup.
Korean-American couples often visit South Korea to do their pre-wedding photoshoot. If they can’t afford an international trip or don’t have the time, they often visit Los Angeles, Atlanta or New Jersey to find a Korean style photo studio to meet their needs. Now young Korean couples in the Midwest do not need to travel far for a Korean-style pre-wedding photoshoot. Soo Studio has beautiful indoor and outdoor studio space that is perfect for bridal sessions and rehearsal photos.

Soo Studio has beautiful indoor and outdoor studio space that is perfect for bridal sessions and rehearsal photos.

Just let our work do the talking ...

But if you insist, we’ve had the pleasure to work with some of the greatest. Beside our wedding projects, here's a selection of our clients.