Photographing outside can be a photographer’s dream or nightmare depending on the weather and light. Being outside means lots of natural light and beautiful, natural scenery or impressive city backdrops, but it can also mean harsh shadows or rain if the weather is bad or the sun is too high in the sky.

We had chosen Logan Square for Sally and David’s third wedding anniversary photoshoot because of the historic charm of the neighborhood and the fact that Sally works in the area as a Pre-K through fourth grade teacher at a local Christian School. As their home is only a five-minute walk from her school, we planned to return to their home so they could change their outfits multiple times throughout the shoot.

Their session was scheduled for 3:30 p.m., and as the date drew closer, rain started popping up on the forecast. Early in the morning on the day of the shoot, Sally and I made arrangements for indoor locations in case the rain didn’t let up.

If you live in Chicago though, you’ve probably heard the saying: if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes. Sure enough, the rain stopped right before our scheduled shoot, giving us gorgeous diffused light through the clouds and a lovely, textured quality to the neighborhood because of the recent rain.

We spent almost two hours walking around Logan Square taking photos. What really struck us about this beautiful young couple was the depth of their love though. Many young married couples are so familiar with each other that they almost seem bored, but Sally and David were so taken with each other that we felt like we were shooting an engagement instead of an anniversary.

This was the first anniversary that Sally and David had taken professional photos for, and they so enjoyed the results that they hope to make it an annual tradition. It was so fun getting to know this lovely young couple and we can’t wait to return to photograph their future anniversaries!

Soohyun and Saehee