Shawn and Amy came into our studio for their engagement photoshoot and rehearsal photos before we all moved outside to the East Lake area of downtown Chicago. They are so in love that it was hard to get them to take their eyes off one another, which made it easy to get some really romantic shots!

There are so many beautiful spots for engagement, wedding and family photoshoots around Chicago. Since we’ve stayed in downtown Chicago for five years and are moving back downtown this summer, we have built a list of some beautiful, unique locations. We love finding charming alleys, industrial skyscrapers, metal sculptures and lakeshore stretches that are perfect for photo sessions.

In this session, we loved the multiple dresses Amy wore in our studio, and especially had fun posing the couple in front of iron metalwork gates and sculptures in a park when we were photographing outside.

Soohyun and Saehee

Shawn and Amy smile for wedding portraits in a downtown Chicago photo studio. Shawn smiles at his bride during their engagement photo session. Shawn hugs Amy from behind while they take engagement photos. Shawn and Amy look at each other while leaning against the window wall in our studio. Shawn and Amy pose together for a wedding portrait. Amy hugs her fiancé and holds her bouquet over his shoulders. Amy smiles at Shawn while wearing a flower frown. Shawn holds Amy’s hands and smiles down at her. Amy and Shawn smile at each other during their downtown Chicago engagement photoshoot. Amy and Shawn stand on the grass in front of a white wall during their engagement photo session. Amy and Shawn look over their shoulders and smile. Amy and Shawn smile at each other in a metal archway. Shawn and Amy hold hands and look at each other lovingly. Amy and Shawn kiss in front of the metal archway. The engaged couple holds hands and smiles at each other by the docks.